How to use it and its most important features


Shorts are becoming more and more popular these days, and most social media platforms have a section called shorts where you can get informed or entertained in short format videos. The attention span has decreased a lot in the last couple of years, so it is increasingly difficult to keep the viewers engaged in your content, and that’s why Shorts became so popular. Tiktok was the first social media platform to employ this lack of concentration to their benefit successfully.

Technology surrounds us, and the devices that we use get new features and updates almost every day, and it’s tough to keep up with them. People don’t have the time to explore their devices and learn all the features themselves, where comes in. Now you must be asking yourself, what is Tnshorts? Let me break it down for you; Inshorts is a website that has video shorts about the technology of all kinds. They break down the new features of WhatsApp or any other app into small, concise bits of information so that the user can quickly learn and utilize it in their daily life.

How can you use this site?

It is a big website with lots of articles and videos on it, so you will need to spend lots of time there to get the hang of it and find the information you are looking for. When you type into your browser, it will take you to its home page to see the most viewed articles and videos. When I opened it the first time, I saw articles about How to hide pictures on your Android phone? How to block and disable calls on WhatsApp? Etc.

After opening the website, if you like what you see on the homepage, you can open it. Still, if you are looking for something specific, they also have a search button on the top right corner that will open up a search bar where you can search the video or article you want.

They also have categorized their content into different sections, and you can see these sections on top of the web page; these sections are as follows:

  • Home
  • Beneficial
  • Safe Future
  • Time Lock
  • WhatsApp
  • Free Calls
  • App Stories
  • Search Bar

This is how the content is divided on this website, so if you find yourself lost, you can always click on one of these links to get to your desired content. This is a relatively new website created in 2021 and has slowly grown its viewers. They are still growing because they have content on essential apps like WhatsApp, Phone Lock, etc. They also have an online social media presence. You can follow them on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, and they also have Telegram pages. I have learned a few tricks from this website myself, so give it a shot and let me know what you think.