Top 4 In-Store Printed Promotional Products for Fashion Outlets

poster stand

Even though we are living in the digital era, when it comes to in-store promotions, you can only rely on making an amazing visual impact. And for that, you need to get amazingly appealing custom printed promotional products. And when it is a fashion outlet, this is the best choice for you to ensure that your customers get to see when they drop by your store.

Your primary job is done as you have got footfalls at the store already. Local, distant and referral consumers have already arrived in your store and are prepared to engage with your brand, by shopping or window shopping. But you still have a lot to do if you are looking for more profit for your fashion outlet. And for that, the following affordable custom printed marketing tools can help you a lot. Take a look.

Poster Board

Maybe you have launched a new collection of your product very recently. A new brand of clothing is already getting endorsed by a number of amazing models. Now, don’t you think that your customers would love to see how they look in these stunning numbers? For that poster board can be the best option. You can easily display it in the store right at the place where you have stacked the new clothing line. This display will immediately grab the attention of your customers the moment they step into the store. With long application life, and the size of at least 24”x36” it will be unmistakably attractive to your customers.

Poster Stand

There might be some specific sections where you are offering discounts. Maybe the lingerie section is offering one free with two products. Or maybe you are giving a big flat discount of 30% on your collection of cartoon tees. In any case, you should make sure that your customers are getting the message perfectly. For that, you need to have the right way of promoting it. With the help of poster stand, you can easily grab the eyeballs of your customers. 60” inches tall, these poster stands are the best way to ensure your customers get to see what you are offering.


The customers who have arrived at your store and shopped with you, surely deserve to get something that will effectively retain them. So, how can you take care of that? Maybe they have an excellent shopping experience with you. But they need something to look forward to. So, you can offer them catalogs with all the future collections you are planning to launch in your store. A custom printed catalog with high-quality glossy pages and high-resolution images will surely win their heart, especially when they are checking out at the POS counter.

Button Pins for Staff

If there is any small chance of spreading brand awareness for your store or brand, you should not miss them. That is why getting button pins printed for your staff in-store with the brand logo and the tagline can be a great idea. It will easily spread your brand awareness and ensure you get more visibility.

So, don’t miss any opportunity for in-store promotion. Hire a printed company with more than 4 stars rating on Google and place your order with them.

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