Top 5 Things To Do Along With From Upcoming Events In Boston

upcoming events in Boston

After a long winter, relishing the cold and Boston’s winter activities, it is now time to step out of your doors and sunbathe. Whether exploring the historical sites, getting close to nature, or enjoying the water, Boston has a lot to offer during summer. You no more need to limit yourself to indoor events and live shows. Check out the popular outdoor activities that you can enjoy after upcoming events in Boston. These activities are perfect if you have little ones. 

Take a cruise tour

cruise tour

One of the most pleasing ways to experience the city’s glory during summer is by surrounding yourself with water. From live music in Boston to sunset dinner sessions and whale watching adventures, Boston cruises are a one-of-a-kind experience. Whether you want to soak up some fresh air or give your inner soul a music treat, there is so much that cruises in Boston can surprise you with. Also, prefer to check the weather conditions on your cruise tour and consider bringing a jacket along. 

Attend a Red Sox game at Fenway Park

Fenway Park

Watching the game at Fenway Park has been quite a tradition among the Boston locals since the stadium opened its door in 1912. It is one of the smallest and oldest ballparks in the Major League. Getting tickets for big games might be challenging, but you may also go on a public tour in this park. Remember to check out the upcoming events in Boston at Fenway Park before visiting. 

Picnic at the Public Garden

Public Garden

The public garden is the first botanical garden in America. It is very beautifully designed with luxurious pathways for calm evening strolls. Take a walk all around the well-maintained flower beds and fringed willow lagoon. Stop at your beautiful spot for a photo session. The park has a wrought-iron bridge and elegant swan boats, making it a calming place for summer picnics. It is also a popular venue for live music in Boston and many more events. 

Explore Boston culture at a museum


Take shelter in one of Boston’s famous museums when you feel that the sun has soaked up your energy after that live event. Boston is home to the world’s prominent intellectuals and universities. Whether you wish to explore and admire art at the Isabella Stewart museum or feel presidential at the JFK library, these museums in Boston are a refreshment. Another reason to spend some time in one of Boston’s museums is that its cooling temperature can give some relief from the scorching heat.  

Enjoy a Drink at One Of The Patio Bars

Patio Bars

From serene terraces to breezy waterfront bars, Boston has the best of places to enjoy drinks. When booking tickets for upcoming events in Boston, you can even check a patio bar nearby to add to your itinerary. Checking out a bar, you’ll be able to head straight to grab drinks after the event ends. 

Faneuil Hall Marketplace

Hall Marketplace

This market with four buildings (the oldest being Faneuil Hall) was built in 1972 and had a great historical significance. Many visitors claim that things sold here are a bit pricey, but if you want to explore the city after watching live music in Boston and spend some quality time strolling around, this is the place. Click some good pictures, treat yourself to some good food, and explore the market. Make sure that this place is highly rushed during weekends. So consider visiting on weekdays. 

If you were unsure of things to do in Boston other than live events, here you go! Add all these activities to your plan and have a fun-filled holiday.