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Top 5 Ways to Increase Your Retail Store Foot Traffic

Top 5 Ways to Increase Your Retail Store Foot Traffic 

We are living in a modern age where innovations and creativity are involved in every part of life. The digitized procedures are seen everywhere around the world that will help us in various ways. The technological advancements shifted many things from manual to digital means. If we talk about businesses, most of them are also shifting towards digital means as the overall revenue of online businesses increased too much in the last two years due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

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According to Statista, online sales create revenue of $4.2 trillion worldwide and are predicted to swell more by 2025. But if we talk about in-store sales, it is still more than online sales. People still like to shop for various products and other home essentials by going to retail or a departmental store. The owners of retail stores are always looking to increase foot traffic as much as possible to improve their profit. Today, we are going to introduce the top 5 ways to escalate retail store foot traffic. First, we know a bit about the foot traffic and then proceed forward.

A bit about Foot Traffic

The number of customer visits to a store to shop for products is called foot traffic. It is considered one of the important metrics to determine the effectiveness of retail stores. Let’s discuss some of the best ways to shoot up foot traffic.

How to Increase Retail Store Foot Traffic?

1.    Store Signage

One of the primary interactions that customers have with brands in-store is their signage. A store’s sign outwardly shows the brand and draws individuals’ attention. Physical retailers should appropriately show their outside signage either by using printed window graphics or window decals. On the off chance that purchasers can’t see the signage, they probably won’t know what the store sells, which can leave shoppers confused or neutral.

When purchasers enter stores, in-store signage should assist buyers with purchasing items. Supplementing store signage, outwardly engaging window presentations can assist with drawing in people strolling through by exhibiting the most recent items or styles, which can catch customers’ attention.

2.    Marketing

Marketing your brand, business, company, or retail store is crucial for all types of businesses to get customer’s attention towards their products/services. That’s why it is considered one of the main methodologies to draw in more foot traffic. It permits retailers to draw in more potential customers and make faithful clients, particularly through portable sites, and online media.

3.    SMS Marketing

Mobile phones are a purchaser’s most close-to-home devices, so having interaction with customers through the electronic gadgets through any application, email, or text helps to increase foot traffic. Presently, retailers should utilize portable devices to drive traffic. Brands can send selective advancements or contributions to their versatile supporters, welcoming them to buy in-store merchandise at limited costs.

4.    Web Presence

According to the E-commerce Foundation, 88% of customers research items online before making buys on the web. Like mobile advertising, retailers can offer selective advancements and motivators to urge online programs to buy items and administrations coming up. The online presence of retail stores helps individuals to know the goods and bads of the product before buying, which will also prove helpful to improve foot traffic.

5.    Social Channels

We all know that presence on Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms assist every business to engage more customers. Generally, brands’ most regular clients are already following their social pages since they’ve decided to gain more from them and keep in contact about future news. Retailers can get some information about items and administrations with opportunities to get restrictive prizes that they can recover available.

Additionally, there are also various other methods to increase foot traffic of retail stores such as organizing events, discounts, and promotion schemes, etc.

Final Words

To make a business a successful one and generate a good amount of revenue is the dream of every businessman. It can be achieved but requires some effort and time. Retail stores can increase their foot traffic by implementing various customer-centric approaches that are discussed above. It will help them to improve their brand image as well as profit.

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