Crypto Exchange 101: Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a Trading Platform

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Presently, more and more people are turning to the crypto market for endless trading opportunities. For people who are new to trading cryptocurrencies, choosing a credible crypto exchange can be daunting. Trading crypto might be a digital gold rush, but this doesn’t mean that you can stake all of your hard-earned fortune on a virtual pyrite.

This detailed guide will help you understand the criteria of choosing the safest crypto exchange in the market.

Criteria to Chose the Right Crypto Exchange

Conduct Thorough Research

The first and foremost important step is to conduct research, do not get intimidated with what others are recommending because what works for them might be terrible for you. There are various factors that play key role in your success on trading platform depending on your needs and type of trade you want to do. Therefore, choose a platform based on your trading requirements and scope.

Evaluate the info you gathered and pick a safest crypto exchange that aligns with your trading requirements.

Security Protocols

One of the most crucial things you need to check before using a crypto coin exchangeis its security protocols. For example, if you are depositing a huge sum of money into an exchange. You need to make sure that your investment is safe and insured on that exchange. There are many crypto exchanges in the market that have gone bankrupt. Liquified the money of their investors due to inadequate security measures.

Therefore, take some time to find out what kind of security protocols a platform implements to safeguard user funds and transactions. Normally, information regarding funds security is posted on a cryptocurrency trading platform’s website.

User Interface

UI plays is one of the most important aspect of a crypto exchange. Look for an exchange that is easy to work with. All functions and specifications of the exchange must be easy to understand for both new and advanced traders alike.

Currently, many crypto coin exchanges allow new traders to sign up for free trials. Now these free trials are a great opportunity for newbie traders to get an idea of how the platform works. And what kind of crypto assets it supports.

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Transaction Fee | Trading Fee

All crypto trading platforms make a huge share of their income from charging trading fee. Each time a user makes a trade, they must pay a specific share to the exchange as the trading fee. Therefore, opting for a crypto exchange always evaluate their fee structure.

Because all of your earnings can be subjected to trading fees if you don’t pay attention to it in start. You can find the fee structures on the main website of the crypto exchanges you are interested in. Finding a cost-effective trading platform is a bit mind-boggling, but you will have to invest some time to do so.

Supported Crypto Assets

Before choosing a crypto exchange, you should be aware of the crypto asset that particular exchange supports. There are more than over 1300 crypto assets available on the market therefore. You are required to conduct detailed research to opt a crypto asset for investment.

Many crypto assets that you may find intriguing are peer to peer that means they are not supported by regular exchanges. Whereas common crypto exchanges offer support to only a few of crypto assets. Hence, take some time to figure out which digital asset intrigues you and if it is supported by the crypto exchange that you are considering to trade on.

Remember making a haste to find a crypto trading platform will only lead to problems or you might end up losing a great share of investment. Thus, take your time to make an informed decision.


Crypto market is getting saturated day by day. Choosing a crypto exchange can be challenging for someone who is new to the crypto world. If you’re just getting started with crypto trading. Understanding the market and following the above-mentioned features can refrain you from getting overwhelmed.

Additionally, all the above-mentioned aspects of crypto exchanges can be good examples however, they might vary from person to person depending on their objectives, activities, and values. In this case, skepticism and in-depth research might be way more valuable than most trending and personal recommendations.

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