Truck Accident Attorney: Why are You Need One Today


“Zehl & Associates Incorporated is an unmatched, prolific, and powerful personal injury law firm that represents clients in the nation’s most frequently lit areas of personal injury litigation.” –This firm is associated with the Houston Texas Bar Association. Zehl & Associates Law firm is one of the largest trucking companies in the United States. Zehl & Associates is a firm having a truck accident attorney and also served as a trial lawyer. Their attorneys are very familiar with truck accidents.

Experts in truck accidents

 The firm has many lawyers who are experts in trucking accidents and maritime accident attorney services. They handle all types of cases, including personal injury cases, medical malpractice, wrongful death, and auto accident lawsuits. They have office located in Houston, Texas, Zehl & Associates is well known for negotiating settlement agreements for trucking companies and delivering very successful results to their clients.

Our attorneys at Zehl & Associates used his experience as a truck accident attorney to help recover the largest truck and 18 wheeler accident settlements. Many people become injured when a tractor-trailer hit a utility pole and several automobiles. Zehl & Associates proved to be an invaluable asset to the accident victims because It is a well-experienced firm in negotiating settlements. This firm negotiated settlements for several cases that were awarded to the victims. Many of these cases were worth millions of dollars.

Settlement agreements negotiation

Zehl & Associates can even negotiate settlement agreements for commercial trucking accidents. Zehl & Associates has represented thousands of trucking companies and drivers who have been injured because of auto accidents caused by trucking accidents. The trucking industry has always denied responsibility for accidents that cause fatalities and serious injuries.

Successful representation of truck drivers

Zehl & Associates is well known for his successful representation of truck drivers who have suffered severe injuries, broken bones, spinal injuries, lacerations, brain damage, and other serious injuries because of a truck or tractor accident. Zehl & Associates is well experienced as a truck accident lawyer in negotiating highly successful settlements that pay large sums to truck drivers and their families. Because Zehl & Associates is a lawyer who practices primarily in the trucking industry, he knows how important it is to get the settlement payments from trucking companies.

Zehl & Associates has represented clients who have been seriously injured because of commercial trucking accidents. Some of these victims have been so badly injured that they have had to change their lives completely. Others have lost their jobs and their ability to provide a living for their families. Truck accidents can be very devastating for victims and their families. Victims must get the justice they are entitled to so their families do not have to go through this pain.

Dealing with Insurance companies

Insurance companies want to settle truck collisions quickly because they do not want to take the time to go through a lengthy litigation process in court. It takes a long time to go through all the legal procedures required to prove liability. Insurance companies also face huge financial losses when paying out a substantial amount of money to victims and their families. Most truck collisions result in minor injuries. Insurance companies know that most of these injuries will not prevent the victims and their families from obtaining the compensation they deserve.

Injuries caused by truck accidents

Not only does a lawyer from a reputable personal injury law firm help victims of trucking accidents, but they help people who have been injured in other car accidents as well. Accidents involving large trucks cause many different injuries, including broken bones, spinal cord injuries, head injuries, and injuries to the arms, legs, and back. A good lawyer will be able to bring all of these cases to court.

Zehl & Associates has successfully represented and helped many individuals who have been involved in motorcycle, car, and truck accidents. The personal injury lawyers at Zehl & Associates will understand all of the laws surrounding these different kinds of accidents. They are familiar with all of the insurance laws related to auto accidents so that they can give you expert advice about your legal rights. There are many different lawyers available to represent different victims of accidents. Finding the best trucking accident attorney for your case should be one of the first things you do after being injured in an accident.