Top 6 Underrated Movies You Need to Watch in 2021

Underrated Movies

Movie watching is one of the most enjoyable experiences ever. It takes your mind off of everyday worries and offers an escape into an entirely different world of possibilities and outcomes.

There are movies that are fan-favorite and critically acclaimed and have done great in the box office and most movie lovers know about these, however, there are a huge number of films on sites like movierulz, 123movies, etc, that do not possess such distinctions but are still worth your time.

These underrated movies often have unique plots and a new and talented cast. In this article, we will take a look at some of these hidden gems and show you why you need to watch these.

So, let’s discuss the most underrated yet great films for you to watch in your free time.

  1. Road to Perdition

Starring Tom Hanks and Daniel Craig, this film is truly a masterpiece. Everything from dialogue delivery to cinematography is just classic. The movie has received some recognition and has been nominated a few times but still, not many people know about this great gem.

The story revolves around a mob member and his son who are on the run from a gangster who is after their lives.

  1. Nocturnal Animals

This movie is sure to give you enough goosebumps through its twists and turns. The movie tells the story of an art gallery owner who has to stay apart from her handsome second husband who travels from place to place.

The owner receives a strange manuscript from her last husband which on reading she discovers is pretty similar to her relationship with that guy. The film is truly great when it comes to storytelling and visuals.

  1. The Ritual

This is another interesting underrated film that is filled with emotions, top-notch acting, and a great storyline. Four college pals reunite after the news of their friend’s death and decide to hike through the harsh, Scandinavian wilderness to honor him.

They end up in a mysterious place of Norse legend where they have to survive the ancient evil forces while also learning more about themselves. The film is filled with captivating sights and not to mention the brilliant performance by Rafe Spall, Arsher Ali, Sam Troughton, Robert James Collier, and the whole cast and crew

  1. Mute

This movie stars the brilliant Paul Rudd, Alexender Skarsgard, and Justin Theroux. The film tells the story of a mute bartender who while searching for the love of his life, gets himself into serious trouble with the mob.

The film is all about great acting and execution. The futuristic element along with a very unique casting combination makes the film worth your time.

  1. Bad Education

This film throws light on the negative aspects of the public school system where the authorities prefer making money over the proper education of their students.

The story begins when Frank Tassone who is a school official finds out that a student is trying to expose all his corruption and wrongdoings which he hides behind his positive and inspiring demeanor. This is really a unique story that you will find exciting and fun if you gave it a go.

  1. Underwater

If you love a film with a touch of sci-fi and cool visuals, watch this masterpiece. The film takes place 6 miles below the water surface where a drilling station gets destroyed by some unknown creature and now the survivors have to make it to their center station deep in the sea while surviving attacks from sea monsters.

The film really keeps you on your toes throughout with its awesome soundtracks, cool sea shots, and thrilling action sequences. The movie is available for free on kisscartoon.

Final Thoughts

These are all the underrated films that we think you should definitely check out. The very few people who saw these films seem to love them and highly recommend these. So, give these a go and we are certain you will not regret making this choice. you can also enjoy on movies sites that give you easier entertainment.

Each of the above films is good enough to offer you the best entertainment, great stories, best acting, and captivating visuals. So, check these out as soon as possible and stay with us for more exciting stuff.