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Unravelling the Hidden Landmarks of London For the Perfect Holiday

Unravelling the Hidden Landmarks of London For the Perfect Holiday 

London: Many people want to explore the unseen. Perhaps you’re one those who have a taste for the exotic and the unknown. Well, today’s going to be a fortunate day for you. Because today, we’re going to show you places that only true Londoners know about.

Before we get there, however, you should first plan out your visit and maintain a schedule. Since you want a complete experience, it’s vital that you take out enough time and don’t wander off. Also, make sure you have all the travel routes and means in mind before you walk out your door.

For example, when you’re traveling through London, rely on taxi cabs. No matter where you are after you’re done with your adventure, directly take a taxi to Heathrow airport for your flight out.

The Caves of Chislehurst

An amazing terrain to explore while you’re in London is a series of man-made caves dating back to the 13th century. These caves are spread over an area of 22 miles in Chislehurst Eastern London. They were created by the mining of burning lime and flint from the mid of 1300s to early 1900s.

But rough and adventurous terrain isn’t the only thing these caves have to offer. Many big stars such as The Rolling Stone and Led Zeppelin have also performed in these caves. So, if you visit these caves there are fat chances you might find some high-end singers performing there.

Witness London’s miniature Venice

A series of canals having trees on both sides, Little Venice is a cluster of waterside cafés and pubs that you can easily visit near the city centre. The best way of enjoying this picturesque neighbourhood to the fullest is by taking a stroll along the streets or by taking a boat trip to ZSL London Zoo or Camden. Scrumptious and finger-licking food isn’t the only thing you get to enjoy here, there are also many roadside shows for you to watch.

Therefore, before you finish your London roaming you should definitely appreciate evening tea like Londoners in one of these boat cafés. Whether you’re exploring London or just in the lay off waiting for your next flight, you’ll find Little Venice to be quite the time-kill. You can easily explore this area and take a cheap taxi to Heathrow to get your flight.

Delve into London’s Dark Past

The areas of East London in Hamlet Tower’s borough are some of the areas where you can witness the city’s dark past. But that really doesn’t mean they’re in any way dangerous places to be. In fact, many tourists who’ve heard about Jack the Ripper come across this place, making it a nice attraction.

Explore the rustic Brick Lane and snuffle the alluring smell of curries coming from the famous curry houses. If you’re feeling famished, grab something to nibble like a beef bagel from The Canvas: Cafe & Creative Venue.

The street-side pathways have cultural street art and diverse vintage shops. You can also try out incredibly tasty chocolates from the public favourite ‘Dark Sugars’.

Visit different old Victorian times pubs and bars where the notorious murderer once used to drink and plan. Lastly, you should pay a visit to the East End market of Spitalfields to get your hands on some of the finest handicrafts that you can find. It’s surely the best place you’ll find even locals vouching for.

A pro tip that we would like to share with you is to take any of the local guided tours here to experience the mysterious history of London.

The Buried Vaults of Waterloo

The Waterloo Vaults are a series of tunnels deep underneath the Waterloo station. Present at a distance of just 16 miles from Heathrow airport, this spectacular place in London is indeed a sight to behold and definitely see while you’re waiting for your transfer to Heathrow airport. Reach the backside of Waterloo station on Leake Street and enter the Vaults via a colourful tunnel.

Regardless of being underground in a dark and quirky place, these tunnels are quite welcoming and give a safe appeal to its visitors. The appearance of these splendid subterrestrial passages is always changing as new artists are busy in creating new artworks round the clock. If you’re an art enthusiast yourself, you can grab some spray paints and create a masterpiece of your own.

Noses & Ears of London

Another interesting place to visit while you’re exploring London is the artist’s noses in Soho. Initially built by the artist Rick Buckley as a protest against the city-wide installation of CCTVs. These noses rose to popularity because of their peculiar appearance and indistinct character that makes them difficult to spot.

Similarly, other than the noses, London also has ears and even mouth too! Present on the Floral St. in the Covent Garden, these ears were made by Tim Fishlock. There are many ears present in the area of Covent garden but two of them can be spotted on the Floral St.

10 Adams St. The Fake 10 Downing’s Street

The house no 10 on Adams street is a ditto replica of the prime minister’s 10 downing street home. Therefore, once you’re in London take a photo outside 10 Adams street and flaunt about visiting the Premier’s place.

Experience London’s Ultimate Views at Sky Garden

Sky Garden is a spectacular place to appreciate the beauty of London’s skyline. Although it’s not famous among tourists, it’s quite popular among the locals. Therefore, to prevent spending too much time waiting, it’s always a good idea to book your table in advance. You can easily do so by buying a ticket online a week before your arrival.

Moreover, there’s a botanical garden nearby that you must definitely visit before taking a taxi to Heathrow. The Sky Garden is located on the upper floors of the Walkie-Talkie building on 20 Fenchurch Street.

These are some of the less touristy places in London that you should definitely visit whenever you’re here next time.

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