What are Ideal practices for using Windows server?

using Windows server – The internet can be a dangerous place. If you ask any expert, they will confirm the significance of a secure system in a concise manner to ensure that all the systems provide essential services for protection. Hence during this automating process, there is a long way to cut down the onboarding time. The system should have an ongoing ability to provide services that are stable enough and work without interruption. Hence you need to know about the ideal practices of using windows servers.

Automated tools are present to make sure that using Windows servers has been secure and trouble-free since the day they were set up. Nevertheless, since all organizations are different from each other, they have unpredictable needs and budgets accordingly. Tools that include Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager might not be very easily available such as Virtual Dedicated Server and Azure Virtual Desktop. Hence, you can prevent IT from performing everything that can leverage the infrastructure to keep the system running.

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Here are some simple management principles which are very easy to apply on an affordable budget. You do not even need to level up your skills or take help from experts for using Windows server. Hence, make sure it is efficiently you efficiently manage and secure it to optimize it for the best performance.

Centralize event logs

Using windows server offers you a great deal of logging ability which is available by default. By using configuration, logging ability can increase or decrease. Therefore it includes growing the sizes of log files, whether it is overwritten where they reside. Moreover, centralizing all kinds of logs can make everything simple to access. Therefore by using a Syslog server, such logs are easier to convert into special categories. It also supports the logs in making them searchable so that the Syslog server has integration with the tools which can rectify any issue.

Limit remote access

Access to servers as well as the services can be controlled by using several methods. For example, configuring firewall rules to constrain access to the servers using remote connections. You can use VPN tunneling for secure communications among network resources. Moreover, you can configure the use of certificate-based authentication in order to verify the connected system.

Technical controls

Suppose you are making use of security devices such as network intrusion prevention systems. In that case, you can use the data for monitoring and assessing the needs of numerous servers and their services. By doing so, you can quickly recognize the systems that need extra controls. For example, it includes a web server operating on the company’s web application specifically for HR records. Moreover, you can install a web access firewall (WAF) to recognize several web-based attacks. For example, structure query language (SQL) or cross-site scripting (XSS) introduce attacks against the SQL database backend.

Disaster recovery protection

Some enterprises are reluctant to take proper steps for securing their important data through backups. Therefore if the server is down, your data can get lost, and there is nothing you can do. But there are several active disaster recovery plans to find the essential data protection and ensure a backup. Finally, you can decide where and when to perform these steps in order to restore it.

Patch management

One thing that all the servers definitely need is a patch management. All you require are these simple updates that help in the corrective fixes, specifically in security, updating the OS process since the software holds supreme importance. Moreover, it is essential to integrate environments where you are using several Microsoft products. Some versions of these services will not work on the Windows Server OS if you are unable to update it to a certain level. Hence you need to keep that in your consideration.

Lockdown physical access

From small to large enterprises, most organizations feel a need to isolate their servers for security reasons. But even then, some small companies simply do not feel it is essential for the server. However, it can be horrible since your server and communication get exposed to all the possible threats and attacks. Consequently, all you need to do is locate your servers in secured rooms and limit access to such a room so that only a limited number of people can access it.

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