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What Are the Different Types of Customer Data?

What Are the Different Types of Customer Data? 

About 62% of US vendors have more than 50 systems for keeping clients’ data. These systems are crucial for maintaining data to boost service delivery. Collecting and keeping customer data helps you to give consumers personalized services.

Besides, customer information helps you understand your market. It also boosts your advertising strategies and gives you a competitive advantage.

Keeping different types of customer data helps you build a working database. With online transactions, it’s vital to have an updated database.

Read on as we discuss the various forms of customer data.

Basic Customer Data

Basic data is the information that you can use to identify a customer. This data is part of customer relationship management (CRM) that helps you control client interactions.

Some examples of this information include:

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Name
  • Gender
  • Income and industry

Collecting this customer data enables you to group your consumers. You can divide your clients into firmographic or demographic sets for improving their experience. Also, grouping customers based on shared traits can inform you more about your target audience during marketing.

Since this data is sensitive, deleting it when no longer in use is crucial. You can use Certus Software to help you erase this information without engaging many people.

Interaction Data

This data shows how consumers engage with your brand at various business touchpoints. If you’re operating online, customer engagement is visible by how clients share posts or interact with your site. You can use the GDPR guidelines in collecting this data to boost your business performance.

Collecting data on customer engagement is ideal for displaying the buyers’ journey. Such information assists you in analyzing the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. It also helps you gauge your return on advertising spend and the origin of each customer.

Behavioral Data

Behavioral data displays how customers interact with your products or services. If your business operates online, this data is visible by account logins and subscription upgrades. You can also collect this information by observing how customers abandon shopping carts.

Having a system that ensures customer data safety is crucial to help you find answers to consistent issues. Such data safety ideas give you a lasting protection solution for boosting service delivery. Besides, data safety enables you to create ideas that address consumer preferences.

Attitudinal Data

This information is among the different types of customer data that reflect consumers’ thoughts. It also shows customer experience and opinions on your brand decisions. Having effective customer data management improves your brand’s performance.

You can check client reviews and comments to understand how people feel about your products. Also, giving out surveys can help you gauge customers’ opinions about your company.

However, collecting and using this information is tricky. Some customers may leave a review out of anger. Moreover, it’s hard to assess consumer satisfaction from a single negative review among a lot of positive feedback.

Manage Different Types of Customer Data

Collecting different types of customer data is crucial for boosting your product quality. Such information also shapes the marketing strategies to help you meet consumer needs.

Besides, collecting and keeping customer data allows you to understand what consumers want. When you provide customers with what they need, it helps keep you ahead of other firms.

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