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What blinds us and binds us-the true story of the drama

What blinds us and binds us-the true story of the drama 

Perhaps, we hear the word “drama” most in every aspect of celebrities’ life. If you know about Nick Cannon, an American singer, comedian, musician, and actor, you may have ever read a drama relating to his height : How tall is Nick Cannon? It is a example of drama. In fact, drama appears almost everywhere, not only in life of famous people, but also in our every daily life.

Being involved in the drama of our lives allows us to blind ourselves from reality and see the simplicity of the moment. When I write on the roof deck of my friend’s apartment, I am amazed at the beauty of the day (with photos. To my right is Lake Michigan and the sandy shoreline that embraces it. In front of you is a view of John Hancock and the Magnificent Mile. Green trees and a carpet with a bright roof lie underneath. The clear blue sky is approaching above. A young woman in a white bikini is lying to my right and sunbathing in a black wrought-iron chaise longue above three chairs. Being involved in the events of my life, I could see how easy it is to cast shadows on the drama’s story, sadness, and wounds, even with the tranquility and wonder of such a view.

The difficult and painful events of our past and our fear of the future obscure our vision and keep us trapped in the swamp of deception. We are so absorbed in the tv drama of life that we often don’t realize if the sky is blue, the trees are green, or the bikini is white. Our bodies may be physically “here and now”, but our minds are definitely not.

The drama binds us to the past and captures our future. We tend to believe that our reaction to recent events is based on our current emotions, even though they actually represent unfinished, unresolved, and unfinished emotions. It is often not seen in our present that dramas keep us in the past. Staying limited to our drama, we never heal or grow. What we can learn from new experiences never shows up as we dilute the lessons with dramas.

A pinoy teleserye is a deep and very personal story about what an “event” means to us. It is a designed story of “what” by giving personal meaning to “what”. Example: Imagine driving on a highway at a safe speed. Someone in the sports car races behind you quickly turns into your lane and manages to block you before you drive. The reality of “what” is that someone speeds up and quickly turns into your lane. The personal story or drama you created at that moment said, “What a fuss! He must think I’m driving too slow and I’m not a good driver. At this point, we take the event personally. Another reality: your spouse leaves marriage. Your drama is “I don’t deserve love” or “I can’t trust anyone anymore, I remarried Then it will hurt again. “

The way to “grow” from a drama is to recognize the difference between reality and drama. Reality is a separate event from emotions (dismissed/divorced from work). The drama is our personal story, and the reason consists of how the event affects us and what it means in our lives (my boss). Is a real jackass / I’m not loved). We always want to make sense of everything that happens in our lives. Healing and growth begins with understanding the difference between reality and fiction and accepting the event as it is (no more work) without drama.

I know what I did after saying it briefly. Often, what makes life interesting lies in the story and the personal meaning behind it, but when the story is repeated many times in an endless cycle, the event never dies. It is consistently repeated in similar situations, years after the first outbreak. The old hurt feelings will be revived. I sent her a text message, but she didn’t send a text message back. She shouldn’t like me. The drama is that we grow up to be mature and experienced adults. Does not enable, rather we remain emotionally stagnant at the age at which it happened.

Dramas in our lives are created by untrue beliefs created while denial covers the real problem. We wake up from the drama when we accept the fact that we have the ultimate life-changing power. If you can generate negative thoughts and feelings, you can also generate positive spins at the same event. It transforms thoughts and emotions into positive ones, empowering us and inspiring others, which allows us to regain control of our lives. By accepting the event as what it is, it frees us from emotional bonds, as it shows that only our work and relationships are over, our lives are not. .. This can be done by writing out a list of what is happening, without attaching any emotions associated with it. If you lose your job, your list may include:

1. Dismissed

2. I don’t have a job anymore

3. I have to find a new job

4. No income

5. I have almost no savings

After reading your notes and getting rid of all the dramas and worthless things, fear, blame and guilt can go away. The facts are manifested in a way that addresses each issue and creates a solution that can be currently processed and profitable.

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