What is a mobile tracker and how we can use it with OgyMogy?


The mobile tracker app addresses all the needs of the end-user to spy on the target user. The most common target users are employees and kids; employers want to spy on their workforce in order to stay aware of their activities to safeguard business interests. On the other hand, the parents want to spy on their kids to stay aware of their whereabouts so that they may not indulge in unproductive or unhealthy activities. 

The kids nowadays use smartphones and social media more frequently, and the reported instances of harassment and cyber bullying are on the rise; for the purpose of protecting children from potential threats and harms, the parents need to keep a close watch on the activities of the children, and this can only be addressed using a mobile tracker app.

The business owners want to track the activities of their workforce because it is noted that sometimes, a few employees, due to differences or grudges with their employers, seek to damage the business interest by sharing the business secrets to the unconcerned people, which can be deadly for business progress, so the employers want to stay aware of these activities and need mobile spying app.

A large number of services are available that spy mobile phones, but OgyMogy found the best of them. The app does all this by maintaining great confidentiality because, at the smallest of disruptions, the target user may get alert for any potential privacy issue.

OgyMogy, incorporated in 2014, was found to be a top-tier mobile tracking service aimed at serving the needs of parents and employers. We will be having a look over its offerings.

OgyMogy – Mobile Tracker App

What is mobile tracker app features? The mobile tracker and android spy app furnishes a number of features that are vitally significant when it comes to spying on target user; a few of them are listed below.

Website Blocking

The website blocking feature allows the end-user to restrict access to the specific websites from the target phone. The parents turn this feature on to restrict kids from visiting websites having inappropriate content. The kids can also be restricted from accessing the websites that make them vulnerable to potential threats of harassment and cyber bullying.

The employers that are fed up with employees’ on-job unproductive activities i.e. video and music streaming, social media usage, can incorporate this feature according to their needs.

Spying the Internal Storage

The internal storage of the target phone can be spied on extensively using the mobile tracker app. All the multimedia saved can be monitored virtually from the end-user’s phone. The appointments, calendars, notes, SMS, browsing history can be efficiently monitored.

The end-user can decide on whether to retain specific content or remove it.

Surround Recording

The surround recording feature is the most striking feature of the app. The feature enables the end-user to turn on the mic or front or back camera of the target phone at any point of time; in this way, the real-time whereabouts of the target user can be noticed.

The parents can use this feature to identify if there is any unhealthy activity taking place around the child, which needs to be taken up for consideration.

The employers find this feature as an opportunity to stalk into employees’ activities to know their true intentions towards the company or the business.

Screen Recording

The screen recording feature allows to record live performing activities on the target phone; the activities can also be recorded and saved to the online dashboard for later reference.


The keylogger feature allows identifying all the passwords of the installed apps on the target phone. The mobile tracker app OgyMogy does this by identifying the keystrokes of the password filed on the target phone.

Call Recording

All the phone calls made or received by the target user can be listened to in real-time. These calls can also be recorded and saved to the online dashboard for later reference. The end-user can even restrict communication with a specific contact of the phonebook.


The review of the mobile tracker app OgyMogy is furnished by covering all the aspects. It is noted that the app is best in serving the parents and employers for spying purpose and serving the cause of safeguarding the family interest and business progress.