What is Angular JS and Its key Features?


Angular JS is an open-source web framework that is available to developers to develop their front-end applications. Misko Hevery and Adams Abrons were the people behind the development of AngularJS in 2009.  However, it is now enhanced and maintained by Google.

AngularJS is primarily used to develop single-page applications. It is a freely available web framework that helps to create dynamic web-based applications. The latest version of AngularJS that is available today is 1.8. Also, it is the front-end framework that is used in the MEAN stack.

AngularJS works on two principles, namely,

  1. AngularJS uses declarative programming to connect the components in the software and create an interface for the users.
  2. AngularJS uses imperative programming to design the business logic for the application.

Advantages of using AngularJS

  • Angular JS is an open-source framework with contributions from several developers, so there are minimal chances of error.
  • You can also carry out Unit and Integration testing using AngularJS.
  • AngularJS provides an extension to HTML through the use of directives. These directives will tell the HTML compiler present in AngularJS to attach them to the respective DOM element. Thus, giving power to your web applications.
  • AngularJS supports two-way binding. Through this, it can automatically synchronize the data present in the view and model components. As a result, users will have a responsive and rich experience.
  • We can easily reuse the components in AngularJS.
  • A smaller piece of code in AngularJS can help in achieving complicated functionality.
  • Angular JS has views written in HTML, while Java script is used to write the controllers needed to set up the business process.
  • It supports most browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and also Android or IOS based phones.

Key Features of AngularJS

Below are a few features of AngularJS that makes it popular among developers

MVC design

Angular JS supports the Model-View-Controller design pattern. It is the most commonly used today for web-based applications. Here in this design type, the data and presentation layer are kept separate for the business’s logic layer. It helps in easy maintenance of each of the layer.

Data Binding

It is simple to bind the data to the controls of HTML. No special coding is required for this. However, you will need to write small code snippets for this, which is an easy task.

Less coding need

In AngularJS, any functionality can be achieved in fewer lines than any other web framework available. Whenever we need to manipulate DOM, extensive coding in Javascript is required for any web-based application. However, with AngularJS, the same task can be achieved in a few lines.

Easy Unit Testing

The developers at Google came up with Karma, a framework for testing purposes. It can be used to design unit test cases for applications developed using AngularJS.

In-built services

AngularJS provides several in-built services that are only initiated once when you run the application. Like $http is used to make an XMLHTTPRequest.


They are responsible for selecting an item from an existing array to create a new array.


Directives of AngularJS can be used as markers for the different elements in DOM elements like attributes, CSS, elements, etc. Directives are used to create a custom HTML. These custom HTML are used as new widgets. Some of the popular in-built directives in AngularJS are ngBing, ngModel, and so on.


Templates are used as a single page(like index.html) or multiple page views on a single page using partial. They contain the information from controllers and models.  

Deep Linking

Deep Linking will allow encrypting of the URL state so that they can be easily bookmarked. Due to this encoding, the previous state of the application can be restored from the URL.

Dependency Injection

AngularJS provides an inbuilt system for dependency injection. It will allow the developers to understand, develop, and test web-based applications.

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