What is Leadership? And Who is a best Leader in Pakistan?

What is Leadership And Who is a best Leader in Pakistan

Motivational speakers are people that have great leadership skills and abilities. In addition to this, leadership is a role that provides guidance and support to their followers. Thus, a leader with skilled and professional qualities is a great factor for any society. 

When we talk about leadership, we mean a professional coach, a mentor, and a motivational speaker. Such personalities have the potential to deal with difficult situations, make decisions by setting goals. 

Many people around us ask questions frequently about who is a leader Or how one can become a great leader. 

So, the answer is very simple. Leaders are those aspects of a society that influence the followers with their qualities and guidance.

Top Five Qualities of a Good Leader

Leadership represents an influential motivational speaker who has the stamina to change society with their skills. In addition to this, when we talk about leadership we don’t mean the same as management. 

Hence, a true leader has an effective personality and quality abilities such as

While considering the top qualities for a good leader, there are a few major traits mentioned below that every leader must-have. 

Main Characteristics of a Great Leader 


Inspiration is one of the essential elements that makes you an excellent leader. Moreover, by giving positive inspiration to your followers, your audience stays strong and engaged. 

Other than that, inspiration is a great way to motivate people and remember what they are working for.

Strategic Mindset 

A great leader always thinks about the organization they are working for. Hence, they notice all the weaknesses and strengths of their team. Thus, they plan a great strategy to achieve their desired objectives.

Creative and Passionate 

Being a well-skilled leader not only helps you in identifying your strengths but also gives you a lot of creative ideas. Moreover, leadership helps you in developing new knowledge and experience. 

Thus, a motivational speaker can bring inspiring new ideas toward their goals. 

 Self-awareness and Personal Growth

 Most of the famous leaders around the world first focus on their development factors. As such qualities play a big role in developing emotional intelligence.

Other than the best leaders are always great listeners. In addition, by developing self-awareness behavior, a leader can become more confident and successful. They set their boundaries and are well-known about their weaknesses and strengths. 

Thus, such well-experienced leaders work hard to achieve their objectives.

Focus on Helping Others 

Helping others is one of the major factors that come under leadership qualities. As such, abilities play a great addition to building trust among your audiences. 

Other than that, the best leader is always ready to listen to others and solve their issues. Such responsible leaders are not only good for the organization but also society. 

Who is the Famous leader of Pakistan? 

There are many talented and famous motivational speakers present in Pakistan. But Fahad Khan is one of the well-known professional leaders. He is known for his dedication and hard work.

At the age of 23, he became the founder of Canada Prime marketing. His passion for his work makes him successful in his life. He is also accomplished as the motivational speaker at TED x UET Pakistan and host at Pakistan’s largest entrepreneurship conference (LIFT Pakistan 2018 & 2019).

He is the best life coach who works for giving guidance, consulting, and counseling for the people. Furthermore, he is guiding millions of people around the world, so they can reach their goals. 

Not only that, he is an influential leader whose main aim is to empower our youth towards positive areas. He works in various specific and general coaching areas, including:

In keeping given such factors, Fahad Khan organizes various events and activities by which he speaks to the people and motivates them towards success. 

His main aim is to motivate our youth, so they work hard to make a good lifestyle and better future.


A motivational speaker with effective skills can easily run a business efficiently. Moreover, with good leadership qualities, they can motivate their audience in a better way.

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