What is the Best Way to Apply for PR in Canada from India?

apply for pr in canada

As a Skilled Worker, the best pathway is Express Entry Program. The point-based evaluation system allows immigration in six months if the point score yardstick of IRCC is achievable. The tool used for its calculation is the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Score. There are three Sub categories under this program-

Every sub stream has its eligibility guidelines; those who meet the assessment level are eligible for immigration. Meeting the Comprehensive ranking system (CRS) point score requirement is the first step of the process. The ideal score to apply for PR in Canada can be assessed with the help of immigration consultancy.

Those who cannot qualify through they can choose alternative programs like the Provincial Nominee program and recently introduced two pathways-

Why is Permanent Residency (PR) Status so Lucrative?

Permanent Residency (PR) status of Canada is provided to a candidate for a period of five years, and it is a family visa. It is an official document that determines the status of the immigrant in Canada. It is highly lucrative as it provides benefits that are very similar to the rights of the full Canadian citizen. Few benefits that make Permanent Residency (PR) status highly attractive for the Immigrants are –

Of course, you need to clear the test for attaining Canadian citizenship by the candidate. However, the process to apply for PR in Canada is relatively simple and can be efficiently undertaken under the guidance of an immigration consultancy. The most popular modes to apply for PR in Canada – Express Entry Program and Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

Why Should you Hire an Immigration Consultancy to Help you Apply for PR in Canada?

Since getting the Permanent Residency (PR) status has become way more accessible than before, most people choose to apply for PR in Canada on their own rather than opting for immigration service. It is a highly precarious step taken by the candidate. There might be many issues that arise due to failure in understanding the correct information or lack of proper knowledge of the immigration process. Some of the outfalls of undertaking the immigration process on your own are-

Hence, the candidate should undergo the immigration process with the help of a reliable and reputable immigration service only. The consultant will help the applicant meet the eligibility to apply for PR in Canada as per the pathway chosen for relocation. The chances of getting the best possible for immigration and getting into an advantageous situation can be brighter with the help of the Immigration service.

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