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In Invoice Capture Software data in person is time-consuming and can be a stressful part of your day. After talking to many prospective clients and clients over the past year, we have found that the input of personal invoice data is one of the main reasons business owners are looking for ways to perform paid services for their accounts.

When researching invoice data capture software be sure to look for products that offer you a complete set of features. You do not want to just capture invoice details; you also want to be able to set authoritative workflows so that your incoming merchant invoices are approved by your team members.

Also, you want to have good integration with your ERP or calculation system, so that information can be shared back and forth with invoice recording software, thus avoiding even the most detailed work.

Medius Invoice Data Recording

For example, with Medius an email or paper invoice from the dashboard, with all data fields completed. You can update the invoice to make sure the data is accurate before sending it for approval, or send it to your accounting system for payment.

Another advantage of having your software scanned invoices is that the data is now archived. That means you can search for any information on the invoice, and get an invoice to review. And because data is stored in the cloud, you have extra protection from knowing that all of your merchant invoices are secure and off-site.

The software automatically submits merchant register, merchant accounts, and currency types, and our success team helps you organize everything.

Invoice Scanning and Smart Data Recording: Everything You Need To Know

The financial information obtained from suppliers’ invoices provides important information and important business data. Careful management and organization of this information can open up new business opportunities and bring additional benefits to the company.

However, obtaining accurate and timely data from various invoice documents is an expensive, time-consuming and tedious process. Some businesses hire data capture staff to manually enter invoice data into financial or accounting software. Some are outsourcing the project overseas.

In both cases, manual invoice processing is a flawed and costly process. Human mistakes are inevitable because humans make mistakes. They get sick again or leave. It takes time to train new staff and correct mistakes. External exposure may also cause data security issues. Relying on personal data to control your financial life is a dangerous journey. A long process, along with incorrect or lost data, can cost thousands if not millions in the business. In this article, we will discuss how invoicing scanning and capturing invoice data can be helpful. We will also discuss its limitations and some of the best alternatives available today.

How Does Invoice Scanning Software Work And What Is It Used For?

Automatic data entry is the main purpose of any invoice scan solution. Eliminates the need for personal data entry, accelerates the delivery of important business data and financial information.

Recording invoice data. Nowadays, only a small portion of invoices come in paper format, most invoices come in PDF or another digital format. Therefore, there is no need to scan invoices. It has become an obsolete step in the accounting process. It still goes by the name of invoice scanning software because it includes all of the features of invoice scanning software in one package.

Invoice Capture That Is Intelligent

Modern invoice scanning software can produce a far better result thanks to recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Invoice MEDIUS software that incorporates AI and neural network technologies can improve data capture accuracy. In Medius, a data capture engine is a smart and intelligent machine that can not only capture raw data but also give it meaning. Our MEDIUS recognizes the information in the invoice header, the table, the lines, the description, and the footer. Furthermore, it can classify this information in order to fill in the appropriate fields, such as GL codes, amounts, and so on.

Smart Invoice Recording

Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in recent years, modern invoice scanning software can produce even better results.

Medius injected with AI and neural network technology can provide a more accurate image capture result.  Our MEDIUS knows where invoice title information, where table, lines, description, and footer. In addition, it can split this data to fill in the appropriate fields, e.g. GL codes, prices, etc. This all happens in seconds.

At Medius, we go the extra mile; is not just invoice scanning software that provides automatic data entry; we provide automated software for paid accounts. This leads us to expose some of the invoice scanning limitations and data capture systems.