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What is the Purpose of Yoga Studio Software in A Yoga Studio?

What is the Purpose of Yoga Studio Software in A Yoga Studio? 

Yoga is a special type of exercise where a person moves his body in various positions to become more fit and flexible. These types of exercises also help in improving your breath and relaxing your mind. The more human being is becoming health-conscious the more business of yoga studio grow.

Yoga is a very famous ancient time exercise where not much weight lifting involves just various positions. So many people are adopting this because it gives relaxation to the mind that the mind needs. The interest of the people towards yoga makes it difficult to handle the yoga studio business.

So the yoga studio software was introduced which makes things easy to handle for everyone including owners, front desk staff, employees, and customers also.

What is yoga studio software?

This software is used to manage all the aspects of the yoga studio in easy ways. The automated system makes it easy to book an appointment, manage staff, manage inventory, schedule everything, payment methods, etc.

Who can use this software and for what purpose do they use this software for?

People related to yoga studio uses this software including owners, front desk staff, employees, and customers.


Owners can see all the things that not everyone can see but they use this software to manage staff, inventory, POS systems, cash flows, and reviews. They also can see the reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Front desk staff:

The members of the front desk staff handle all of the administrative work which includes appointment handling, rescheduling of the appointments, assigning new appointments to the staff, and managing customers.


Employees use this yoga studio software to see their upcoming appointments, the time, and the nature of those appointments. So they can make arrangements from the start to give the best services.


Customers can use this software for many purposes such as booking their appointments, canceling their appointments, rescheduling their appointments, paying bills, and giving reviews.

What are the key factors in yoga studio software that you should look for?

  • A very simple way to arrange classes that is easy to understand for the customer
  • An assigned trainer must be on point
  • Must share class schedule online
  • Should have online appointment feature
  • Waitlist management where the software automatically puts students in the queue so they can know how much they have to wait
  • Must manage documents in sequence
  • Integrate with online bill paying apps such as PayPal
  • Must have attendance portfolio
  • Should store and tells the data of cash flow
  • Customer relation management system
  • Must show the trainer availability

A good yoga studio business plan should have all these attributes in it.

What are the top features of yoga studio software?

Like other management software yoga management software also offers so many features that make it unique from other software.

Create and manage membership plans:

Because this software is made to make things easy for everyone related to the yoga studio. This software has the feature to create a membership plan for the customer according to the owner. The customer can subscribe to the membership and take a lot of benefits in the yoga studio.

Also, this helps the yoga studio’s owner to gain the loyalty of the customers.

Create and manage classes:

The other outstanding feature of this software is that it can create classes on demand. And shows it on the screen so if anyone wants to attend that class they can sign in through the membership portal.

This feature shows the professionalism of the yoga studio.

Personal trainer:

This software allows you to hire a personal trainer so no one can disturb you during the class. In group classes where many people take the class by one trainer so there is a high chance for you to get distracted.

By hiring a personal trainer you can take his classes personal or online where no one is around you so you can focus with all your might.

Automate reminder:

This feature helps the trainer and customers both by sending them notifications about your upcoming classes. This feature is very useful if anyone forgets about the class they tend to attend so the notification helps them as a reminder.

Renewal/cancel membership:

If anyone wants to renew the membership they can do it by the same process as they do it the first time. because when the membership expires they are no longer be able to take the benefits of the membership.

They also can cancel it in the middle of the membership if they do not want to take it any longer.

Employees management:

This feature helps the owner to manage their employees. They can see their working hours and also manage their shifts.

These features help the studio in growing its business. Because yoga studio software is user-friendly and easy to understand software. Wellyx is the top listed software in such categories which helps you in every aspect of the business.

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