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What to look for in the best dab pen





What to look for in the best dab pen 

In the near past, you had to use a blowtorch, bong, and a hot nail to vape dabs. The invention of the dab pen, which uses more sophisticated technology, has made it unnecessary to have a blowtorch when vaping dabs. These devices are also easily portable and more discreet, which allows you to vape your dabs almost everywhere. 

This article guides you 

For a dab pen to be classified as the best it has to meet certain standards. Below are some of the qualities that the best dab pen should have.

  1. Good battery life – you need a dab pen that can last for at least a day’s vaping experience. A dab pen whose battery regularly dies amidst enjoying your dabs can be very unpleasant.
  2. Adjustable airflow – a dab pen with an adjustable airflow system allows you to dial your ideal hit. Increased airflow results in more vapor and a cooler draw, that is less harsh to the throat. On the other hand, minimizing the airflow will result in less vapor and a warmer/ tighter draw, which can be harsh to the throat.
  3. At least three power/ voltage/ temperature settings – ( not everyone needs the same experience from a dab pen. Having at least three variable voltage settings in your dab pen allows you to customize your experience.
  4. Warranty – you would want to get the best out of the finest dab pen. To do this you need a guarantee that the dab pen you buy will last a bit longer.  

A warranty on a dab pen guarantees the buyer that if it becomes faulty with a certain period after purchase, you can replace it without buying another one.

  1. Excellent durability/ build quality – (redeeming a dab pen’s warranty may take longer than expected. Therefore, it should be made of strong materials that can not break easily).

Dab pens come in a variety of coils. Each coil type has unique qualities that can make it ideal and some demerits as well. These types of coils include:

  • Quartz coil – This type of coils heat up very fast, which allows you to take the first hits almost immediately after activating the dab pen. They however have an inferior ability to retain heat when compared to other coil types.
  • Ceramic coils – have a better ability to retain heat than ceramic coils. Nevertheless, they take a longer period to heat up.
  • Titanium coils – have excellent heat retention and short heat up time. Nonetheless, they are prone to having oxides build upon them which can affect their performance.

Which is the best ?

Based on reviews, awards, and positive ratings, below are some of best dab pens that you can obtain.

Kandypens Crystal 2.

This award-winning dab pen is one of the best in the market. It features an all quartz heating system and an adjustable heating system. The dab pen also has four variable voltage settings (2.6 V, 3.0 V, 3.6 V, and 4.2 V).

Kandypens Crystal 2 is constructed of medical-grade stainless steel, a highly durable material. Its battery has a huge 1200 mAh capacity. It comes with a lifetime warranty that covers each of its parts.

Linx Hypnos Zero.

Linx Hypnos Zero comes with a ceramic plate atomizer and four temperature settings. The device is constructed of high quality and strong materials.  Linxvapor has a one year warranty (limited) on any of the Hypnos Zero.

Linx Hypnos comes with a lithium-ion 650 mAh battery, that takes between 1 to 2 hours to charge fully.

Dr. Dabber Ghost Pen.

Dr. Dabber Ghost Pen delivers the smoothest hits. It features an inbuilt technology called Titanium Technology, which heats the gradually heats to the ideal temperature and eliminates the burnt electric flavor that is prevalent in some dab pens.

Dr. Dabber Ghost Pen usually comes with:

  • An additional atomizer.
  • A loading tool
  • A USB charger.
  • A storage ball (shatterproof).

Yocan Regen.

Yocan Regen is one of the top dab pens that you can buy. It has an 1100 mAh battery and adjustable power (between 3 V to 4 V).

The dab pen also features a silicone storage section.

Yocan Regen is compatible with several coil types from the Yocan coil series, including the single, double, and quartz coils.


The factors that determine best one depend on what you want. Always do your research before going for any dab pen. Check out the dab pen’s history, ratings, reviews, and testimonials.

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