What Trainers Are Fashion able in 2021?


What observing the passing decades has taught us is that fashion and fashion trends are constantly chopping and changing. Each generation comes along with new tastes and new ideas, and these prevail for a while at least. It is not just the world of clothes that is in a constant state of flux, even the footwear industry experiences certain trends that have their 5 minutes of fame or much more. Check out american trainer websites and them yourself.

Trainers remain extremely popular with the young because they are see as a fashion accessory, whilst the older generation is most likely to purchase this footwear, because of the comfort it offers.

However, the young and especially teenagers, are the main consumers of trainers, therefore designers and the marketing of their creations are tailoring to this age group. Some brands that make trainers are household names now and this is because they are constantly moving with the times. So what trainers are trending in 2021?

Reebok Club C 85

The classic white look in the world of trainer design never seems to fade away and Reebok score another hit with the Reebok Club C 85. These trainers are built for comfort, but the look of these shoes is no afterthought. They do look a little retro, but if you consider the 1980s to be the golden era of trainer design, then you won’t mind too much. The primary design is white with a hint of green but there are also black and white variants of the Club C 85 out there. Built to last and to keep those who are on their feet all-day comfortable, it is no surprise to see this shoe trending in 2021. 

Veja V-10

With so much emphasis on the environment, it was only a matter of time before an environmentally conscious trainer designer hit the UK sports shoe market. Veja has made their presents felt in the UK because of this and although the design of the Veja-10, will hardly blow trainer fans away, this shoe has proved popular with consumers because of this environmentally aware slant Veja has taken on things. The trainer itself is white with blue and the Veja logo is representing by a red V on the side. It has proved popular with the more environmentally conscious amongst us, and for Veja that has helped make this shoe a hit with the public.

Nike Air Max 720

Nike is still in the game when it comes to producing hit footwear and although the design is not the most aesthetically pleasing of all their shoe releases, the Nike Air Max 720 still delivers maximum foot comfort. The air heel makes the shoe feel light and those who choose to purchase these may feel heavy wallet-wise, but they will be light-footing to compensate.

Puma Tsugi Kai Jun

A cheaper option from the brand tour de force that is Puma, offers a lot of comfort as well as a compact design. Great for the gym or everyday use, the Puma Tsugi Kai Jun looks stylish despite the colours being a little on the grey side. The simple design is surpassing by the fact that these shoes are built to last.