Why Choosing Stain Resistant Paint is a Good Idea for Your Walls?

Imagine that you are coming home from a hectic day outside. Your six-year-old son is at home and you remember that you had recently new crayons for him. No surprise but your son puts those crayons to some good use in the powder blue bedroom walls.

This is where choosing stain-resistant paint can come in very handy. If you have used low-sheen matte paint, it would be tough to remove those stains with crayons. However, if you used high-gloss enamel paint- it would be a matter of seconds to wipe them all off.

What causes stains on walls

There are a variety of reasons that can cause staining apart from a six-year-old kid. Spaces with high traffic always have a tendency to catch stains of food, oil, grease, and other items. While young kids may stain walls deliberately, adults can also do it by mistake. Stains of lipstick, magic markers, and pens can be especially hard to remove if the wall paint has not been chosen correctly.

If your walls are porous and made of a material like wood, these stains can be very visible and difficult to remove. The walls are also more prone to getting stained if the paint was applied without a coating of primer. You should also be aware that flat or matte paints are more prone to having stains than high-sheen paints.

How to avoid stains

No matter what kind of paint you use, it is always an important step to use a primer before applying the paint. The primer creates a smooth surface for the paint and also makes the paint adhere to the walls. It makes the wall non-porous and blocks stains. Go to Asian paints to browse the best collection of primers and paints.

Another important factor is to choose the right kind of paint. The simple rule of thumb is to go for high-sheen paints that have a greater resistance to stains and are also easy to wash. High-sheen paints or gloss paints have a reflective surface and they must be applied with primer. Eggshell, semi-gloss, and high gloss paints are better choices for high traffic areas than matte or flat paints. They can be slightly expensive but they will also make your walls long laster.

Stain-resistant paints

All high-gloss paints including enamels and satin paints are stain-resistant. You can also look at properties if they have built-in primers or waterproofing capacities. These paints are expensive and should be applied carefully on a smooth surface. They can highlight small imperfections because of their highly reflective surface. The walls should be carefully prepared with primer and putty before applied high-gloss paints. Choose Asian Paints Royale for the best range of colors in stain-resistant paint.

Once applied, stain-resistant paints can give your walls a classy and sophisticated look. The colors are also more vibrant than other paints. It is extremely durable and can give your walls years of protection. And most important of all, they stay clean like a dream. A single cloth wipe can remove all kinds of stains from the wall. They are perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.