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Why is Video the Next Big Thing for Contact Centers Now?

Why is Video the Next Big Thing for Contact Centers Now? 

While the entire world is transforming to adjust to the new normal, there are a few things that are still the same. One of those consistent trends is humane connect helps in winning the customers faster. With that aim, there are various ways in which businesses are trying to retain humane connections with their customers:

Online e-commerce giants have started opening physical stores to build trust and brand loyalty
Social media handles of businesses are using memes and moment-based marketing to connect better with customers
Vernacular sales and customer support to capitalize on regional audience

Now, what’s next for the businesses to maintain this consistent hustle of making things easier for their customers?

My money is on video in contact centers. Here is why:

Users are comfortable with video calls

Customer experience or contact centers always follow a catching up approach with what users prefer in their general communication. Earlier it was just called centers when users were comfortable with phone calls, then the email was added. Now web chat, social media messaging, WhatsApp, Viber, and Google Business Messaging are common channels for most of the contact centers.

With the impact of a pandemic, search impressions for web and video conferencing software have grown 5x. Unprecedented growth in userbase for video calling tools is another indication of the same trend. Safe to say, video calling has become a norm among users.

Videos help in winning sales

Videos in sales calls have already made its way into the innovative and early adopting contact centers. More importantly, they are closing more sales and faster. SaaS companies witnessed a 41% increase in sales closure by using video proposals. That seems more of a B2B-centric stat. However, there are various B2C contact center solutions that are using video contact centers. Sales that involve more trust and compliances are among the top uses for video. Similarly, Some of the key uses cases for the video contact center are:

High-value sales: With sales of high-value products, customers need more trust and attention. A video contact center helps to address by enabling a secure and trusted human-to-human relationship.
Insurance and loan: The regulation, compliance and authentication needed in the insurance or loan process are higher than most other industries. With physical branches offering reduced access after COVID, financial institutions are adopting video-based solutions to address those needs.
Healthcare counselling: Healthcare is another professional that demands confidentiality and trust, which can be assured by the a video call as well. For healthcare requirements that do not need a physical visit, video contact center is a reliable solution.

Tech infrastructure is video-friendly

Genral masses in several developed economics already have the access to 5G internet services while the developing economies are preparing for it. After that, Most of the newer smartphone devices arriving in the market are equipped to adapt with 5G. Moreover, there are various government compliance changes as well that pave the path for video contact centers. Overall, the growth in the utilization of videos as communication is eminent and similar will be the trend among contact centers.

Does that mean other channels in contact centers will witness a drop?

No. the Addition of channels in the contact center only facilitates the customers and business communication and barely impacts the prevalent channels. Historical trends support it too. While chat, email, social media, etc. have emerged, voice-centric customer service still continues to prevail. At the same time, flourishing businesses are the ones that have adopted an omnichannel strategy that enables them to utilize the best of all channels and maintain consistent sync of all customer data.

The introduction of video in the contact center needs to follow a similar pattern. If you are choosing a

video contact center in 2022, you will still in among early adopters. However, a delay after that will mean you fall in late majority or laggards. Depending on the use cases and the customer segment that you serve, there are going to be different execution strategies. Along with a thoughtful execution plan, it would be even better if you deploy the AI-enabled capabilities with the video to better utilize the sentiments and data of the video contact center.

Author Bio:

NishantKadian takes care of the inbound and content marketing team at Ameyo. He finds enthusiasm in learning and writing about technologies that are transforming customer engagement through contact centers. Drop your hellos to have a nerdy marketing discussion or to throw a challenge for a chess game.

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