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Why VoIP Phone System is Replacing Regular Telephones for Business Communications

Why VoIP Phone System is Replacing Regular Telephones for Business Communications 

No matter which business you are running, you will have to face fierce competition. So, to compete with others, you must make constructive decisions back and forth to enhance your company’s growth, improve your staff’s efficiency, and reduce the costs to strengthen that bottom line. And choosing the best VoIP phone system is one important factor to consider when making these decisions about your company’s growth.   

Standard telephones have been around businesses for centuries. The infrastructure that was put into place still relies on the same outdated technologies to facilitate communications. But modern problems demand modern solutions. This is why businesses need to bring something modern into their communication system. A phone system is considered one of the most popular modern alternatives to the standard landline as it offers a lot of advantages. Here, in this blog post, we will discuss what makes this technology so great, and are these benefits worth the switch?   

Some Advantages of VoIP Phone System over a Traditional Phone: 

Although there are some similarities too between the two phone systems, yet there are some advantages of VoIP phones hold a lot of advantages over the landlines. And these benefits are the reasons why many businesses have made the switch to this technology. According to Statista, over 35 million VoIP lines have been added in the US between 2010 and 2018. It clearly depicts an exceptional growth of VoIP.  Do you want to learn about those benefits? Keep reading!  

More Cost Savings: 

In every business, cost is always one of the basic concerns. The traditional on-premise phones require upfront equipment expenditure, installation installing cost, and expensive monthly maintenance costs. And to make multiple calls simultaneously (when using conventional phones), you have to install so many phone lines, which adds up the cost quickly.    

With hosted cloud PBX phones, on the other hand, you don’t require such equipment, their installation, and service providers don’t even charge you heavy costs for unlimited calls. Even upgrades and maintenance are on VoIP Supply. You only require an active internet connection and office laptops or desktops, which you already probably have, anyway.  

Better Reliability: 

When you compare the reliability of communication, VoIP is way above the traditional phone system. Even in the event of a disaster, you can count on cloud PBX technology (VoIP) for your business communication. You can’t avoid these disasters but you can prepare for them.   

Recently, when the COVID-19 came, businesses that were already using VoIP systems, immediately shifted to remote working. They didn’t have to halt their operations. Therefore, in such unwanted events, the VoIP system proves to the only solution. It provides business continuity and helps in shifting to remote work at ease.  

Expanded Features as Compared to Traditional Phones: 

The usual telephones come with only limited features of voice calls. VoIP, on the other hand, not only offers additional features for voice calls but allows for video conferencing, multimedia messaging, teleconferencing, voicemails, faxes, instant messaging, and much more as a modern approach to telephony. These extended characteristics of VoIP can often help transform the way businesses communicate both internally and externally.   

VoIP Technology is More Secure: 

Businesses are always at risk of ransomware, data breaches, and fraudulent calls. Therefore, the security of the communication system is a great concern for all organizations. It offers s features like improved identity management and systematic encryption protocols guarantee data security, which protects you against hackers.   

Also, hosted VoIP supply companies make fully ensure the protection of their networks and give their clients peace of mind. They perform security audits regularly and set automated alerts to inform you in the case of any suspicious activity.  

VoIP Technology is Easy to Manage and has Low Maintenance: 

Managing VoIP doesn’t involve any technicalities., So, even if you don’t have any expertise in communication systems, you can manage this technology quite easily. From running reports, uploading the hold music to changing the answer rules, even a layman can easily handle this system. But with a traditional phone system, you need to have a technical expert to make any changes.  

Moreover, traditional phone lines require proper annual maintenance. It means that the amount of work and time is increased to do a simple task. VoIP technology, on the other hand, runs over external servers and software. It ensures that business don’t have to complete any maintenance for the system.  


Regardless of the size and of the businesses and nature of the company entrepreneurs, businesses people have been shifting to VoIP technology since it has been around. The main reasons behind this shift are the functionalities VoIP provides and the cost it offers for business communications. The unmatched reliability and impressive features of the VoIP phone system have made businesses change their outdated phone systems with modern VoIP phones.  

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