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Why Younger Generation Will Be Important to Canada Economic Success

Why Younger Generation Will Be Important to Canada Economic Success 

From the economic point of perspective, immigration can satisfy many objectives in developed countries. For the nation’s ageing demographic and low birth rate, Canada’s immigration system is designed to recruit the best talents from the world to drive the domestic labour workforce. 

The coronavirus pandemic around the globe has had a severe impact on youth employment owing to the disruptions to income losses, job lay off and increased barriers in the job market entry. As an Emirati citizen, gaining Canada PR from Dubai is much easier than it sounds only if you let the expert consultants handle your application. Let’s look at some of the numbers and what it means for your success to land your dream job in Canada. 

Canada’s Ambitious Immigration by the Numbers

Canada’s immigration plans highlight low and high targets for each year with an objective of the target number of immigrants rising overall on yearly basis. The plans are in place to see more immigrants join Canada in the next 3 years with a high of 350,000 possible in 201. Sounds like a huge number right? But it is less than 1% of Canada’s population. The volume of immigrants mention will likely become PR residents who will later apply for Candian Citizenship, as has done before. 

Why Canada is Focusing on Record Number of Immigrants 

Canada’s impressive immigration program is vital for the future of the country. Not only is it inviting far more qualified and skilled workers, but it is also building for a sustainable future. 

When you grow the country through immigration, it is not easy and must be monitor carefully. 

The federal government’s immigration plan from 2019 to 2021 allows the government to monitor and assess immigration and tweak adjustments for the desired target numbers. With a multi-year plan, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, IRCC works with federal, provincial, and territorial partners to plan for those skilled workers, refugees, etc projected to immigrate to Canada.

It is expected that the Economic Class will be prioritised and continue to make up the mammoth share of immigration. Canada visa applications with professionals, caregivers, and skilled labourers always being in demand in the country. The Family Class is also expected to stay as the 2nd largest immigration category.

The economic Class, and the skilled workers it will bring to Canada. Are important as the large Canadian aged population is now in the retirement phase of life. According to Canada’s Department of Finance, in less than 2 decades. The number of working-age Canadians (aged 15 to 64) for every senior (aged 65 and over) is expected to fall. It is arguably one of the largest project decreases among OECD countries. Like Germany, Australia, Japan, Mexico, Japan and the US of A.  

Despite the high quality of living in the Emirates, many people choose Canada immigration from Dubai & Abu Dhabi. One of the reasons is that Canada has great universities that offer quality education. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you would want to get hands-on quality learning from great professors. 

The Ever-Increasing Importance of the Express Entry Program

One of the most important ways to help potential immigrants. Get a Canadian visa is through the Express Entry Program. Express Entry is a system Canada needs for skilled workers more than ever. The express entry programme is a points-based system. Where applicants receive point values based on their education, profile, work experience, language skills, etc. These specifics are enter into the CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) and applicants go into the Express Entry Pool.

Since it is a points ranking system, the competition is stiff. Only the highest-rank candidates are invite to apply for PR. When one of the selection processes occurs several times during a year. 

That’s a Wrap 

Each year, many living in the UAE apply to immigrate to Canada. As a matter of fact, the United Arab Emirates is one of the most popular countries for successful express entry. Candidates only behind India, Nigeria, and the USA. 

Now all you need is the assistance of the best immigration consultants in Dubai for Canada. The expert Canada PR consultant in Dubai will pave the pathway to high-quality education, job opportunities. Most importantly make it easier for you to get citizenship in Canada. Trust us, there is no better time to move to Canada than now. 

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