The 5 Yogic Ways To Activate The Hidden Kundalini Energy

Kundalini energy

Each one of us has a body, a mind, and a soul. However, do you know there is a more subtle energy at play? Yes! That is the Kundalini energy which is coiled like a serpent and located at the base of your spine. However, this lies in a dormant state and needs the correct technique for activation. Depending on the belief system or religion, it is known by many names, the commonality is that it is still cosmic energy.

If you are someone who is devoted to activating this dormant energy, you must inculcate yoga into daily routine. However, remember, you should do yoga under the guidance of a certified yoga teacher. With the right guidance and knowledge, you can experience spiritual enlightenment and awareness of your higher conscious self. However, if you plan to become a certified yoga teacher, then enroll in the 200 RYT to learn this powerful technique.

Let us first start with the basics of Kundalini energy.

Kundalini Energy – A Brief Intro

As stated above, Kundalini energy is the serpent energy lying dormant at the base of your spine. However, if you free this sacred energy then it flows upward through the seven chakras, which are also the energy centers of your body.

With practice, this helps you enter an expanded state of consciousness, known as Kundalini awakening. Activating and freeing this energy makes you more creative as well as emotionally and spiritually balanced.

However, you might ask;

What Does Yoga Have To Do With Kundalini?

Although yoga was taught in the ancient times for spiritual enlightenment, in the modern day more and more people are choosing yoga to find relief from stress and anxiety. However, if you want to experience spiritual enlightenment then you should try Kundalini as part of the daily yoga practice.

Instead of focusing just on your body, mind, and spirit; Kundalini yoga incorporates all of these into yoga to release that cosmic energy. Moreover, you include yogic techniques like Pranayama to control your breathing and unlock that subtle energy.

Doing this unlocks your higher self and the sacred Kundalini energy. You should enroll in a certified yoga school and learn the 200 hour yoga teacher training syllabus to understand Kundalini.

To help you activate this sacred energy, yoga experts have come up with five easy-to-follow tips. Read further to know what these are.

5 Yogic Ways To Activate Kundalini Energy

Yoga might be an ancient art but it does helps when it comes to unlocking the sacred Kundalini energy. Let us find out how you can do this.

Focusing On Your Breath

Remember, controlling your breath is at the core of all yoga practice and meditation. You should try focusing on your breathing by concentrating intensely on the way you breath. Let your breath focus on the tail of your spine, bring it upwards, and towards the crown of your head.

Release Negativity

Your practice of yoga improves by focusing on the positive aspects of every yoga session. Yoga experts recommend you should follow a positive approach towards your life. Following a negative approach can have serious repercussions especially when you are trying to unlock the Kundalini.

Be A Witness

Instead of focusing and reacting to every feeling or emotion; you should just acknowledge their presence and let them go. Remember to focus on the yoga practice and not the emotions. Yoga experts recommend you join the 200 RYT to learn more about unlocking Kundalini energy under guidance of certified Kundalini yoga teachers.

Find A Mentor

When it comes to Kundalini energy, remember you have to be under the guidance of a certified yoga teacher. Playing with Kundalini without proper guidance is like playing with fire. A single wrong step can end up becoming a problem. Make sure you unlock Kundalini under the tutelage of an experienced Kundalini teacher.

Be Present

You have to be in the present moment especially when practicing yoga to unlock the Kundalini energy. Try cutting out the negatives and unnecessary stress to focus on the task at hand. Remember, mindfulness has a much larger role when it comes to freeing this sacred energy. When you join a yoga school, make sure the 200 hour yoga teacher training syllabus covers this aspect of yoga.


Want to unlock your hidden mental and physical potential? You should enroll in the certified 200 RYT program to learn the art of unlocking the sacred Kundalini energy. This will help not just unlock your true potential but also help you realize the true nature of the divine being within.